Whether you are visiting Saigon or you are a local, pampering yourself at the spa is always a good idea. Our spa, Talise Spa, is here to help you relax, unwind and detoxify.

What makes us special, besides the quality of the service and attention to details, is our signature mobile massage package, where we deliver massage service to your place at your convenience, as a treat to our valued customers at Ami Splendid.

The name, Talise, which is of Native American origin, means “beautiful water”. The treatments are nature-inspired and our beauty products used for the treatments are all natural and organic.

Our main massage therapist, Ms. Nancy Nguyen, has obtained her Therapeutic massage degree in Vietnam and a number of international degrees such as CIBTAC, VTCT Level 3 Anatomy Physiology and Pathology, Reiki practitioner certificate, First aid & CPR certificate, etc. She has more than 5 years of experience at Sen Spa (HCM City), Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (Nha Trang), Anantara Sir Bani Yas (Abu Dhabi), Shanti Maurice (Mauritius), and BVLGARI resort (Dubai). She is also speakers in various health and wellness events.


Below are the massage packages that Talise Spa provides:

NOIR TOUCH (90 minutes – 1,000,000 VND)

Noir Touch is a combination of massage and energy touch, an umbrella term for a variety techniques based on theories that touching or manipulation the body so-called energy filed can promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and healing.


ARABIAN SIGNATURE MASSAGE (60 minutes /500,000vnd – 90 minutes/700,000 VND)

Our signature massage rebalances and promotes a sense of deep relaxation. Purge yourself from inner chaos and clutter, let your mind totally relax in our Arabian atmosphere in the middle of Saigon. Bespoke techniques from UAE and Vietnam merge together to ensure you get the best experience and complete a stunning journey.


VIETNAMESE SIGNATURE HOT CUPPING (60 minutes/ 500,000 VND – 90 minutes / 700,000 VND)

Traditional combination of physical and mental works, where you can definitely find your balance and energy back after tiring days and stressful weeks. Start with a dry technique to warm up and loosen tight muscles, followed by an aromatherapy-based massage working on acupressure points. The final step is gentle cupping along the body’s meridian points to stimulate blood circulation on the surface of the skin and assist in removing toxins through the lymphatic system.


THAI MASSAGE (60 minutes/ 500,000 VND – 90 minutes/ 700,000 VND)

This time-honored traditional treatment is applied with grace, mindfulness, and generosity of spirit. Blissful nurturing, this rhythmic oil-free massage has been practiced by Buddhist monks for over 2,500 years. The therapist uses a combination of art of thumbs and palms pressure, gentle yoga stretches and pressure point massage to stimulate energy flow, relieve tension and leave muscles feeling deeply relaxed.



BLISSFUL MARMA POINTS (60 minutes/ 500,000VND – 90 minutes/ 700,000 VND)

Long, firm, flowing movements and therapeutic techniques at various levels of pressure are implemented; whilst marma therapy and charka balance align vital energy centers. Enriching results-based blends deliver powerful active benefits, enhancing overall well-being, 90 minute includes a facial marma massage with potent aromatic designed to balance emotions, release stress and reduce anxiety. 


SHIATSU MASSAGE (60 minutes / 500,000 VND – 90 minutes / 700,000 VND)

Derives from a Japanese massage modality called anma which was itself adapted from tui na. Tui na is a Chinese bodywork system that arrived in Japan by at least the Nara period. A Shiatsu massage uses the principles of acupuncture, as it is based on pressing fingers and palms to specific points on the body, thus aiming to heal common ailments and conditions, correct imbalances in the body, stimulate blood circulation and balance the energies.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (60 minutes / 500,000 VND – 90 minutes/ 700,000 VND)

An invigorating massage, performed to break down muscle adhesion by reaching deeper layers of the muscle’s connective tissue. Firm pressure from elbows and forearms loosen stiff muscles and joints for improved circulation and better overall flexibility, dispelling neck stiffness, lower back pain and sore, and tight shoulders.


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (60 minutes – 500,000VND)

An ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years, part of the Hindu health care practice of Ayurveda, Indian head massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders and was originally used to improve scalp and hair condition, induce a deep sense of calm.


REIKI (60 minutes – 1,000,000 VND)

Palm healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing, energy flows through the practitioners hands to the client’s body. Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters of “rei” (spiritual or supernatural) and “ki” (vital energy). Reiki is a safe complementary modality included today in many types of physical or emotional healing.

Special time recommended for best results:  9am – 11am, 2pm – 5pm.



There are two ways you can book with us: