Social responsibilities


As the saying goes, “Many a little makes a mickle”, no matter who you are, every single individual with a determined effort, can make a significant contribution to save Mother Earth.

Here at Ami Splendid, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Two of our biggest concerns are water and electricity waste.


Water is a precious resource in Vietnam which we need to preserve. By using energy efficient washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioning; environmentally friendly soaps and detergents; and recycling our water, we prevent pollution of the local water supply. We also encourage our guests and customers to join our efforts through some environmentally conscious activities:

  • Reuse bath towels
  • Bed sheets to be changed every 3 days instead of daily
  • Turn off water while tooth brushing/ shaving


One of our biggest impacts on the environment is through electricity consumption. While Ami Splendid properties are all equipped with efficient low speed engines which heats water for the laundries and kitchen, the unavoidable fact that our guests have to use hot water, air conditioning and lights will always use electricity which unfortunately for the time being still leads to pollution and global warming. We have encouraged our guests to join us to save electricity through many practical activities:

  • All of our apartments and villas have been designed to be naturally ventilated, try switching off ACs and using the natural air circulation by opening windows when the temperature is not too high.
  • Turn off lights when leaving the room or when natural daylight is sufficient.
  • Switch off AC unit when not in use
  • Be aware of the stand-by on TV and other electric devices (Stand-by mode can account for up to 70% of a device’s daily consumption).
  • Use washing machine when full loads
  • Only turn the switch of the water heater system 10-15 minutes before taking shower/ kitchen usage and switch it off after use.

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