Saigon City Tour (half day)

An exclusive glimpse of Ho Chi Minh City everyday life. Learn about the city history through its significant sites, its  impressive changes, contrasting neighborhoods through the ride as well as through our enthusiastic local guide. We will also venture out to the less touristy districts, take in the sights, smells, energy, and taste some best local eats.

Start: 08:30 – Finish: 13:00 (4.5 hours) Can be customized

Option: Motorbike/ Private car (We highly recommend the motorbike option since it is the best way to really feel the energy of this city)






  • Backpacker streets (District 1), the neighborhood that never sleeps: a brief ride through the area will show you the contrast of old and new, Vietnamese and Western.
  • Tao Dan park (District 1), a popular morning spot for locals: you will see displays of the elderly locals practicing Tai Chi, bird collectors showcasing their birds in expensive bamboo cages, and you can try authentic Vietnamese coffee.
  • The hidden weapons bunker (District 3): used by communist soldiers as they prepared for the 1975 revolution.
  • The flower market (District 10): you will see how locals live in small alleys and intricate neighborhoods and enjoy the sweet fragrance of flowers.
  • Cho Lon (District 5): the Chinatown of Saigon where the majority of daily goods trading still takes place. Nearby you can visit an old-fashioned temple and a Chinese herbal medicine street which you can smell it before you enter it.
  • A spectacular Buddhist pagoda, one of the best kept secrets in town
  • Riding along the modern canal road which reflects the contrast between District 1 and District 4
  • There is no better way to finish off your Saigon experience than with a delicious authentic Vietnamese meal.
Private car

  • Local breakfast for renewed energy
  • Visit an apartment complex which reflects old Saigon right in the very heart of modern Ho Chi Minh City and meet a real 3-generation family who live together in one flat.
  • A 5-minute stroll to a local market where you can experience the vibrant and authentic local life.
  • Stop at a local cafe for an authentic Vietnamese coffee
  • A weapons storage cellar where nearly three tons of weapons were kept by Saigon Commandos during the Tet Offensive in 1968 to attack the Presidential Palace. It is one of the untold stories of the brilliant feats of the Vietnamese army and people.
  • Pause at the Thich Quang Duc statue where a monk burnt himself to death in protest at the Vietnam War (we call it the ‘American War’) on 11 June 1963.
  • The beautiful Jade Emperor pagoda is our last stop before having lunch.
  • Taste a lovely home-cooked Vietnamese meal.

54 USD/person/ motorbike


Start from 99 USD/ person/ car


  • Itinerary is subject to change slightly due to the time you book therefore the availability of entrance of these places
  • Prices are subject to change due to the time you book (national holiday, etc.)

Tour price includes:

  • Pick up and drop off at your place
  • An experienced English-speaking tour guide/ tour leader
  • Motorbike with helmet/ Car with AC
  • Gas
  • Entrance fees
  • Meals: delicious lunch
  • Drinks: fruit juice, Vietnamese coffee, cold water, local beer, soft drink.
  • Travel insurance

Please contact us if you want to book.

Hope to see you soon! Happy traveling!


$49 / Once / Per Guest